Your price list gives brands or clients the 411 on what you charge and explains how you like to get paid.

Speaking of getting paid... paycheques are waiting to be yours in the future...

Instantly download the simple, fully customizable price list to sell your services and get what you ask for.

What is a price list?
A price list is a complete list of every product, service, or item your business offers and how much it costs.

What is a price list used for?
A pricing deck is a presentable way to showcase your prices or rates. Send through this Canva price list template for brand partnerships, client work, or project-specific purposes!

What should be in a price list?
If you're running a business or attempting to sell anything, use the outline to elegantly display your prices to your clients, audience, or brands.

Make sure to include every possible product and service you sell.

Make this high-quality price list template yours. Get the easy-to-use Canva price list template and example to kickstart your:
  • Next design project.
  • As an add-on to your client onboarding package.
  • For your next business or brand launch.
It's time to impress your clients from the get-go. Get the stunning done-for-you designed price list template, guaranteed to elevate and amplify your brand.
NOTE: Images are only a preview.

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